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The V4F Support Fund has been established to help Canadians who are facing difficulties in modern-day Canada. The fund emphasizes helping those in need and allows the greater community of Canadians, both veteran and civilian, to contribute to their fellow citizens. Contributors are able to decide where their funds will be allocated through a system that allows their voices to be heard.

Kimberly Neudorf

A Canadian wife, mother and home schooler of three was recently convicted and fined $37,000 plus costs for organizing two peaceful demonstrations against provincial government-imposed restrictions on constitutionally enshrined Rights and Freedoms in 2020.

Lisa Robinson

Heartless Pickering City Mayor and Pickering City Council on top of defaming Councillor Robinson's character have engaged in bullying her into submission and silence for speaking up for her constituents by sanctioning 90 days wages which equals one quarter of her salary. Councillor Robinson, a single mother and sole provider for her child is now faced with not being able to pay for housing and food on the table

Sarah Choujounian

My name is Sarah Choujounian. I was one of if not the 1st nurse to speak up against the lockdowns at a rally in 2020 and I am the co-founder of Canadian Frontline Nurses. I have been fired from my 2 nursing jobs and I am under 5 investigations by the CNO. I am presently in the middle of a very important disciplinary hearing by the College of Nurses of Ontario which will have precedent and either; silence all nurses if lost or uncensor us so that we may do our jobs properly and continue to be advocates to our patients & ensure we can give them all the information. necessary to give informed consent.

The Homes for Heroes Foundation

You will have the option to send 10% of your donation this month to The Homes for Heroes Foundation


The Homes For Heroes Foundation was developed in response to the growing number of military Veterans who are facing crisis as they return to civilian life and find themselves on the path to homelessness. As many as 5,000 Veterans are homeless and living on the streets in Canada. These Veterans put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and now they need, and deserve, our support. With your help Homes For Heroes will provide them with housing along with the resources, services and training that will enable them to successfully transition back into civilian life.

Frequently Asked Questions
V4F Support Fund


No, we are not a charitable organization

A Federal not-for-profit corporation

No, it is money in, money out. All funds will stay in the bank account


If one of the preset amounts doesn't suit you, please email and we can discuss a different amount

We don't have the capacity to accept cash at this time

You can email us with suggestions, we will have an application for funding form on the website

No, regardless of the donation you only get 1 vote.



You will receive a confirmation of payment email and then the survey email

Yes, a separate sign-up is located on the bottom of this page.

Your personal or payment information is never stored on our server and is sent directly from your browser over a secure connection to Stripe Inc, our payment provider. Our Stripe account has 3 step verification enabled and only two senior V4F members have access.

A unique survey link will be sent to the email address you provided when submitting your payment information or to the email address registered on your "Interac Sender Profile". The final list of participants will be emailed from an encrypted computer held securely by a senior V4F member. Be sure to add to your contact book to avoid sending your survey link to spam.

You will get an email announcing the start and it will include a unique link to your survey. Visiting the link will take you to a page where you can submit your choices using a secure form, all without needing to login or provide any personal information. All submissions will be anonymous, encrypted, and stored on our secure server until we calculate the final total.

Yes, you will be able to change your choices at any time during the 7 day period. Visit the link sent to you when the survey opened and submit your changes.

If you subscribed with a credit card then you need to email with the subject "Fund Cancellation". If you subscribed with e-transfer you can cancel through your online banking.

If you subscribed with a credit card then you need to email with the subject "Fund Payment Change" and tell us the new amount. If you subscribed with e-transfer you can update your subscription through your online banking either by changing the amount for the recurring e-transfer, or cancelling the recurring e-transfer and then sending a new one, depending on your bank.

No. If you pay by credit card, stripe (our payment processor) takes 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction. If you use E transfer the total amount goes into the bank account.

It will include the results of the survey, the amount of donors, the average donation amount, % of donors who responded to the survey and recommendations.

All fund related questions, comments, or concerns can be emailed to
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