Board of Directors

Andrew MacGillivray

Name: Andrew MacGillivray

Rank: Lieutenant (Navy) (retired)

Trade: Naval Warfare Officer

Years Served: 2009-2021

V4F Position: President

Additional Info: Maritime Tactical Operator, Diver

Edward Cornell

Name: Edward Cornell

Rank: Warrant Officer (retired)

Trade: Gunner

Years Served: 1975-2013

Additional Info: Medal of Bravery Recipient

Jill Younghusband

Name: Jill Younghusband

Rank: Corporal (retired)

Trade: Human Resources Administrator

Years Served: 1983-2000

V4F Position: V4F West Command

Additional Info: Born into a military family, Jill served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) from 1983-2000, first as a Mobile Support Equipment Operator (trucker) and then transferred to Human Resources Administrator (formerly Administrative Clerk). Initially joining the Primary Reserves (Army) with 28 (Ottawa) Service Battalion, Jill was employed fulltime with a variety of units in the National Capital Region before transferring to the Regular Force (Air Element) in 1988. She worked in Career and Program Management at National Defence Headquarters (1988-93), served with the United Nations in Namibia, Africa (1989) and NATO AWACS in Geilenkirchen, Germany (1993-1997). Her final posting was with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Edmonton, Alberta (1997-2000). Upon retirement from the CAF in 2000, Jill went on to work as an Education Coordinator/Administrator at the University of Alberta (2003-2009) and the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center (2009-2015). Now fully retired, Jill has supported a variety of veterans’ organizations such as Quilts of Valour Society of Canada, The Canadian Walk for Veterans, the Veterans Association Foodbank and Mefloquine Awareness Canada. Jill joined Veterans for Freedom Canada in May 2022 and is active with the Command Team in the west. She currently resides in Edmonton with her beloved English Springer Spaniel, Willow. In her spare time, she enjoys music, cooking and personal development.


Harold Ristau

Name: Harold Ristau

Rank: Major (retired)

Trade: Chaplain

Years Served: 2006-2017

V4F Position: Unit Padre

Additional Info: Rev Dr. Harold Ristau, born in Waterloo, Ontario, holds a BA and MA in Political Science and Economics, with specialities in Administrative Studies (University of Waterloo), an MDiv (Brock University), and a PhD in Religious Studies (University McGill). Prior to enrolling in the military, Fr. Harold Ristau served two multicultural congregations in Montreal and worked closely with NGOs in advocating for the rights and interests of refugees. Fr. Ristau also participated in various Christian missionary endeavours overseas, also serving 11 years in the RCChS, posted to CFB Valcartier, serving as unit chaplain to the R22R (earning his Jump wings), 430 ETAH, and as CLC, CFB Borden as Course Director and Standards Officer (also serving the PAG), and CANSOFCOM, and was also deployed to both Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East, after which receiving a CDS Commendation. Fr. Ristau is the author of several books, articles and publications, on a wide range of subjects, mainly theological and seeks to comfort the broken with the word of God and the love of Christ. Harold is married with 5 children, and enjoys the outdoors, especially paintball.

The Honourable Brian Peckford

Name: The Honourable Brian Peckford

V4F Position: Honorary Colonel

Additional Info: Statesman Brian Peckford is the Former Premier of Newfoundland-Labrador and the last living First Minister who helped negotiate and sign the Constitution of Canada to include the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). Recently Brian returned in a national role as a blogger, speaker and writer, especially in the defence of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms while holding a Bachelor of Education and having also completed postgraduate work in English Literature, Education, Psychology, and French Literature. As a published author, Brian holds a Doctor of Laws degree from Memorial University, and also served on the board of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and as chair of the Human Resources Committee from 1993 to 1998. Mr. Peckford is also an outspoken critic of the Prime Minister of Canada and all Canadian Premiers who have “collectively, callously and unlawfully used a ‘health emergency’ to trample upon the most precious of Freedoms and Rights of Canadians”.

Atlantic Region (Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick)

Jeff Evely

Name: Jeff Evely

Rank: Master Warrant Officer (retired)

Trade: ATIS Tech

Years Served: 2001-2021

V4F Position: Ops Sergeant Major

Additional Info: Jeff is a native of Nova Scotia, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a 4-year NORAD posting to the US. He completed the 100th Nijmegen Marches, in 2016. He has been active in his community his entire adult life - volunteering to coach boxing, mixed martial arts, cheerleading, and softball - and spent much of his time during the last three years of his military career helping homeless veterans off the streets of Ottawa. Upon his retirement, in 2021, Jeff retired to his native home of Cape Breton Island, where became active in the Freedom Movement - defying mandates, attending the Freedom Convoy, Rolling Thunder, and marching over 200kms with James Topp. He was one of the original members of V4F, from the National War Monument, and currently hosts the daily V4F Podcast on issues affecting freedom-loving Canadian patiots.


Peter Harmer

Name: Peter Harmer

Rank: Warrant Officer

Trade: Crewman

Years Served: 1990-2020

V4F Position: V4F Quebec Command Team

Mike Roberts

Name: Mike Roberts

Rank: Corporal (retired)

Trade: Armoured

Years Served: 1993-2002

V4F Position: V4F Quebec Command Team

Central (Ontario)

Daryl Smith

Name: Daryl Smith

Rank: Warrant Officer (retired)

Trade: Infantry, Special Forces Operator

Years Served: 1997-2018

V4F Position: Co-Founder, Central Core Member

Additional Info: Canadian Special Operations Regiment

Ryan Daniels

Name: Ryan Daniels

Rank: Master Corporal (retired)

Trade: Infantry

Years Served: 2012-2019

V4F Position: Central Core Member

Additional Info: 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment

Terry Doucette

Name: Terry Doucette

Rank: Captain (retired)

Trade: Pilot

Years Served: 1985-1995

V4F Position: Central Core Member

Additional Info:

Lou-Anne Pelletier

Name: Lou-Anne Pelletier

Rank: Sergeant (retired)

Trade: HRA

Years Served: 1999-2020

V4F Position: Central Core Member

Additional Info: OP Palladium, OP Soprano

Christian Carter

Name: Christian Carter

Rank: Master Corporal (retired)

Trade: IST

Years Served: 2003-2022

V4F Position: Central Core Member

Additional Info: 5F’d

Al Hewson

Name: Al Hewson

Rank: Master Corporal (retired)

Trade: Military Police

Years Served: 1985-2005

V4F Position: Central Core Member

Additional Info: 1985-1990 LdSH(C) Crewman 1990-2005 CFMP-Military Policeman

Mike Rude

Name: Mike Rude

Rank: Sergeant (retired)

Trade: Infantry

Years Served: 1988-2016

V4F Position: Central Core Member

Additional Info: 1 PPCLI, Canadian Airborne Regiment, 3 PPCLI and 5 CRPG

Alex Cabana

Name: Alex Cabana

Rank: Warrant Officer

Trade: Combat Engineer

Years Served: 2005-2020

V4F Position: V4F Central Command Team

Additional Info: Sacrifice Medal

Western Region (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta)

Daniel Crossland

Name: Daniel Crossland

Rank: Bdr (retired)

Trade: Gunner

Years Served: 2009-2021

V4F Position: V4F West Command

Additional Info: Family man, Heavy Equipment and Automotive Equipment Technician with red seal certification with 20 years experience solving problems. I volunteered to be with V4F as it provided me with an outstanding opportunity to serve my local community, veterans, and expand on a network of like minded people.

Charles Holt

Name: Charles Holt

Rank: Lieutenant

Trade: Artillery

Years Served: 1999-2017

V4F Position: V4F West Command

Additional Info: God Keep Our Land Strong and Free is in the Anthem for a reason. Let's work to keep it this way.

Pacific Region (British Columbia)

Dan Scott

Name: Dan Scott

Rank: Sergeant (retired)

Trade: Field Artillery

Years Served: 2003-2022

V4F Position: V4F Pacific Command

Additional Info: Freedom is the power to say no.

Jeremy Hoemsen

Name: Jeremy Hoemsen

Rank: Cpl

Trade: Armoured Crewman

Years Served: 1994-1998

V4F Position: V4F Pacific Command Team

Additional Info: A decade of private security work. A decade of delivering mail. 3 decades of martial arts. Gardening and travel keep me busy. The government needs a reminder that they work for the people - and too leave us the fuck alone.

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