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We are currently accepting only retired Regular Force & Primary Reserve Canadian Armed Forces members.

*all information collected will be kept private and not shared with anyone outside of the V4F Organization

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To rally Canadian Armed Forces veterans across Canada by mobilizing and sustaining lawful civic action in order to restore the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Veterans for Freedom (V4F) is a grassroots organization comprised of Canadian Armed Forces veterans who are mobilizing a nation-wide movement of peaceful, lawful, civic action. We join our brothers and sisters across the country to restore fundamental freedoms for all Canadians, and to honour our Fallen, who made the ultimate sacrifice for these freedoms. We stand on guard to uphold Canadian laws that are governed by the Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We call on all able-bodied veterans in Canada to STAND-TO.


V4F currently offers the following services

   –  Operational Planning
   –  Community Outreach
   –  Speaking Engagements

Main efforts

   –  Deploying large contingents of veterans to engage in lawful civic action on the ground, and sustain the effort until the fundamental rights of Canadians have been restored
   –  Joint planning with our Partners to develop and implement mechanisms in government to ensure government cannot impinge on these rights in the future
   –  Engaging elected officials at all levels of government to ensure effective action is taken to address veteran suicide and abuses of active service members that have not been addressed by our government and are not reported by government-funded media

Meet the Steering Committee

Tom Marazzo
Tom Marazzo
Ontario, Canada

Trade: Engineer Officer - retired
Element: Army
Years Served: 1990-2015
Additional Info:

Tom Marazzo is an experienced software developer and college instructor with a demonstrated history of teaching computer software. Skilled in ASP.NET Core, MEAN Stack, Arduino, C#,C++, Python, Computer Vision.

Mr. Marazzo is also a former Military Engineer with a Bachelor of Technology - BTech in Software Development, MBA. Certified Aquaponics System Designer.

Eddie Cornell
Warrant Officer
Edward Cornell
New Brunswick, Canada

Trade: Gunner - retired
Element: Army
Years Served: 1975-2013
Additional Info:
Medal of Bravery Recipient

Daryl Smith
Warrant Officer
Daryl Smith
Ontario, Canada

Trade: Infantry, Special Forces Operator - retired
Element: Army
Years Served: 1997-2018
Additional Info:
Canadian Special Operations Regiment

Andrew MacGillivary
Lieutenant (Navy)
Andrew MacGillivray
Ontario, Canada

Trade: Naval Warfare Officer - retired
Element: Navy
Years Served: 2009-2021
Additional Info:
Maritime Tactical Operator, Diver

Brian Peckford
Honorary Colonel
The Honorable Brian Peckford
Newfoundland, Canada

Statesman Brian Peckford is the Former Premier of Newfoundland-Labrador and the last living First Minister who helped negotiate and sign the Constitution of Canada to include the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982).

Recently Brian returned in a national role as a blogger, speaker and writer, especially in the defence of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms while holding a Bachelor of Education and having also completed postgraduate work in English Literature, Education, Psychology, and French Literature.

As a published author, Brian holds a Doctor of Laws degree from Memorial University, and also served on the board of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and as chair of the Human Resources Committee from 1993 to 1998.

Mr. Peckford is also an outspoken critic of the Prime Minister of Canada and all Canadian Premiers who have “collectively, callously and unlawfully used a ‘health emergency’ to trample upon the most precious of Freedoms and Rights of Canadians”.

Harold Ristau
Unit Padre - Rev. Dr. Maj. (ret)
Harold Ristau
Ontario, Canada

Fr. Harold Ristau, born in Waterloo, Ontario, holds a BA and MA in Political Science and Economics, with specialities in Administrative Studies (University of Waterloo), an MDiv (Brock University), and a PhD in Religious Studies (University McGill).

Prior to enrolling in the military, Fr. Harold Ristau served two multicultural congregations in Montreal and worked closely with NGOs in advocating for the rights and interests of refugees. Fr. Ristau also participated in various Christian missionary endeavours overseas, also serving 11 years in the RCChS, posted to CFB Valcartier, serving as unit chaplain to the R22R (earning his Jump wings), 430 ETAH, and as CLC, CFB Borden as Course Director and Standards Officer (also serving the PAG), and CANSOFCOM, and was also deployed to both Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East, after which receiving a CDS Commendation.

Fr. Ristau is the author of several books, articles and publications, on a wide range of subjects, mainly theological and seeks to comfort the broken with the word of God and the love of Christ.

Harold is married with 5 children, and enjoys the outdoors, especially paintball.

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