Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom from coercion

The organization was formed by the veterans who were supporting the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in 2022

Active Duty Military

Yes, our communications team will give a voice to still serving military members


No, as per the 2021 census there was 461,240 veterans in Canada, we represent less than 1% of that total

A lot of Afghanistan veterans don’t have a connection with the legion, they prefer bonfires and bike leather.  Not all legion branches are bad, many of our members are legionnaires and it doesn’t bother us.  The legion hasn’t evolved over time and will most likely be out of business in the next 10 years.


We know the maker didn’t spread intelligence evenly amongst everyone but don’t believe everything you read.  Much like the military, we don’t look thru the identitarian lens and don’t care about any of that divisive nonsense.  We are looking out for all Canadians.

No, we are anti-authoritarian govt and anti-govt overreach

We believe in govt accountability, we will hold whatever govt is in power to account and at all 3 levels.

No, most of us have more vaccines than the majority of humans on earth, we just don’t believe that should be a medical apartheid in Canada

We aren’t going to make everyone happy and if you don’t like the content we put out, don’t consume it

We are anti-woke and don’t cater to the victimhood that is plaguing the country

We aren’t responsible to people who purchase our gear and not responsible for what they say or do

We don’t control what veterans say or do, anything official from us will come through our social media channels and or newsletters